How To Remove Bad Google Reviews

Effective Guides To Remove Negative Google Reviews for Your Business

Negative reviews are harmful to your business reputation and even to its continuity if you fail to treat them properly. However, there’s no way you as a business owner can delete or edit reviews in Google on your own. Fortunately, there are chances and some ways of How to Remove Negative Google Reviews but they’d remain following Google review policies and procedures. These guides below can help you to remove negative Google reviews soon, let’s check them out.

Respond All Reviews Including The Fake Ones

One of the main issues when running a business through Google platform is How To Remove Fake Google Reviews which are mostly the negative ones. Some of them are created by your competitors, spamming activities, and even extremely unsatisfied customers. There are possibilities that unsatisfied customers create fake accounts just to double or triple their negative reviews. No matter what type of these fake negative reviews are, you should respond to them just like other reviews.

At this point, you’ll have to identify the fake and authentic or valid reviews. Well, it’s not a hard task if you have an established sales report and customer database. You can trace whether the negative reviews are relevant and come from your actual customers. If they do, then you can go back to customer-centered approaches. However, if they don’t, you need to report them.

On other hand, you can take some authenticating procedures to treat such suspicious reviews. Ask the number order publicly or if your business involves physical visits, you can confirm the date, what products they’ve bought or services they’ve booked.   

How To Remove Bad Google Reviews

Customer-Centered Approaches.

Approaching your customers is How To Remove Google Reviews From Map especially the negative ones. The negative reviews are usually driven by issues related to the products and services. The first step is to respond to negative reviews properly and offer solutions to solve the issues. Take them into a communication where they can clearly articulate their unsatisfactory factors. After your response, you can follow up them through email, private message, or customer caring phone call.

There are two possible advantages you can take by addressing the issues. There are chances that the customers may change their negative reviews as they get the solutions. You might find that some of them hesitate to edit their negative reviews even after the solutions are provided so it’s inevitable to politely ask them editing or changing it. Some of them may not know how to perform it so you can offer helps to guide them.

Second, by publicly addressing the negative feedback, you’re demonstrating your customer services. It’s very important since today’s buyers are the smart ones and they’d like to know an exceptional customer caring when researching products and services.

Flagging The Negative Reviews.

So, what’s next? If the evidence convinces you that the negative reviews are the fake ones, then there are possibilities of them violating Google’s review policy. You can flag them through your Google My Business dashboard. The flagging aims to mark them as an inappropriate or irrelevant review. Google doesn’t apply auto fake review detector on your business page, so you need to declare it manually. This is How to Remove Bad Google Reviews from your business page on Google procedurally.

Since responses to reviews are performed publicly, even if you’re pretty sure with proves on fake news, you’ll have to respond it anyway. Again, the way you handle negative reviews improves your business reputation. For smart buyers, prospective customers love how you actually treat them more than what those negative reviews have said about your business.

Show in public that you want to offer solutions and investigate the issues further. Fake negative reviews would fail to provide you with valid information or they simply don’t respond to your offers at all. These could be strong evidence if you want to get them removed from your page.

Get Google Support for Dispute.

When it comes to How to Remove Negative Reviews From Google Search Results especially the fake ones, you should be a fighter. Take a step for dispute and get support from Google. Despite flagging, you get yourself a chance to explain the case in person and let Google interview you about the dispute. You can request an email, callback or private message so you can clarify your standpoints. However, you’ll need to prepare the evidence first including chronology, screenshots, transactions proofs, and so forth.

Positive Reviews

It’s not a secret that the number of reviewers is way lower than your actual customers. In fact, most of your customers don’t give their reviews on your products and services yet. There are many satisfied customers not sharing the actual experience through Google reviews. In the context winning and losing, you’re losing from negative reviews because you can’t actualize and amplify the positive reviews.

At this point, you need to properly encourage and invite your customers to provide reviews through Google. There are also chances where they can’t find an easy way to review your business. At this point, you can send them a direct link to the review page through email or private message as the transaction is cleared. You can also create a simple infographic of how to review your business on Google. Otherwise, you may also consider using ask review tools to reach your customers more easily and request them to provide the reviews.


As you might have seen that handling negative reviews could be a daunting task with no success assurance. However, procedural review management helps you to deal with it as to whether you like it or not, negative reviews always have opportunities to show up again anytime in the future.

In other hands, each type of business may have its own challenges and details. Whatever the contents in those negative or fake reviews are, you should always respond to and treat them properly. At this point, you can take points above as guides to build your own negative review SOP management and get them removed soon.

How To Remove Negative Google Reviews

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